LEDON Pirates

Ahoy! Stab me, shiver my timbers,
welcome on board Alexandrina!

Life on the ship is on unsteady ground. Take a look around – perhaps you can find your way up to the wheel, and help me steer out to the Seven Seas in search of the hidden treasure. Check the situation from the lookout barrel, or clamber up to the ship’s upper deck and scan the horizon for land.

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Play value


Play zones

Each pirate ship is divided into four smaller zones. This allows several groups of children to play simultaneously without disturbing each other. The zones have different play activities that all support children’s natural development.

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How have children been involved in developing LEDON Pirates?

Primary school children from Brændkjærskolen in Kolding, Denmark, are some of the children who have been closely involved in developing LEDON’s pirate universe. Through workshops with brainstorming sessions as well as model-building and prototyping, we learned how children aged 7-8 years envisage the world of pirates.

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